What We’re Looking For

We are looking for true, personal, written works that use untranslatable words as inspiration to illuminate both the unique and the universal in the human experience, despite the barriers of language. Works can span the blurry lines between personal narrative essay, memoir and creative nonfiction with room for stylistic variety and innovation. We are not looking for poetry or fiction at this time. 

Be bold, honest, and fearless with your storytelling. We want to be able to experience the world through your eyes for a brief moment, while connecting to the word that inspired you. We want to laugh, cry, cringe and pine with you, while we’re reading. Show, don’t tell us what the untranslatable word that inspired this piece means. We want to come to understand this untranslatable word through what we see, hear and feel in your writing. Write something that first moves YOU, and hopefully it’ll move us too. 

How To Get Started

Familiarize yourself with the project, pick an “untranslatable” non-English word for inspiration, and use the power of your writing and personal storytelling to paint a picture of a real life moment that captures the essence of that “untranslatable” word.

How To Submit

Send (1) email to bridgecalledlanguage@gmail.com with the subject header “Submission: <Your Name Here> <Title of Work>” e.g. “Submission: Jane Doe, A Lesson in the Obtuse”

Submission may be included in body of email or as an attachment. 

Submission should include a cover letter that includes the following:

  • Your name, email, mailing address (with city, state and zip), phone number 
  • Title of submission
  • Word that inspired the submission, its origin, and brief English definition
  • Short Bio 

The deadline to submit work is March 31st, 2016.