Have questions about This Bridge Called Language Anthology? See the frequently asked questions below.

  • How do I submit my work to be considered for the This Bridge Called Language Anthology?

Please see the Submission Guidelines page for detailed information on what we’re looking for and how to submit your work.

  • When is the deadline to submit work?

The deadline to submit work is March 31st, 2016.

  • Who can submit?

Submissions are open to emerging and established writers, of all genders, races, sexualities and ethnicities. Because of the content of the anthology, we are committed to bringing together a collection of demographically and stylistically diverse voices. Women, people of color, and LGBTQ writers are encouraged to submit. Indigenous or immigrant, multicultural, mono or multi-lingual, and everything in between, we want to hear from you! 

  • What are the word count requirements?

We do not have hard and fast constraints on the word count for submissions to this anthology. Ultimately, we’d like to see work whose length supports the content– work in which the storytelling feels complete, paints a picture and moves us, but is concise and doesn’t feel like it is packed with filler. Short or long, if it is a quality piece of work, we’ll take a look. But as a rough guideline, we recommend word count remain between 500 and 5,000 words. That range allows individual writers plenty of room to come up with a well written piece at a length (short or long) that makes sense to their work.  We can not accept novels or novellas. 

  • Do you accept poetry? Fiction? Fiction based on true events?

No, no and no. We are only seeking true personal narratives/memoir at this time. Please see our Submission Guidelines for information on what we are looking for.

  • Do authors need to have any connection to the culture/origin of the word we choose for inspiration?

Nope. You don’t need to have any cultural background or even interests related to the origin of your “untranslatable” word.

  • Are bilingual submissions okay?

The primary language of submissions should be English, but we would love to see some submissions that integrate another language used or spoken by the author. We ask that words, and phrases used that are not in English are able to be understood through context or later explanation in the writing of the piece. Authors, we trust your judgement. When in doubt, feel free to email us with specific questions.

  • Are multiple submissions ok?

Yes, but no more than two. Focus on sending us your best work related to the theme.

  • Are simultaneous submissions ok?

No. Please do not send us work that is already being considered for another project.

  • What about previously published work?

No. We seek new and unpublished work. We define previously published work  as work that has appeared online in a public forum, web site, or blog; or in print.

  • What about payment?

Authors will receive a copy of the book and a bio in the collection. We believe authors should be paid for their work so contributors will receive a small token amount of payment upon acceptance of their work to the anthology. Additionally, authors will receive the benefit of exposure, writing credentials, and opportunities for future engagements as a result of contributing to this anthology.

  • What about rights?

Contributors will retain copyright to their individual contribution. We seek the right to publish the contribution for the first time, as part of this anthology.

  • Anything else?

Accepted authors may be asked to make edits. 


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